Monday, June 27, 2016

Rainy season? Jawel.

Fawaka alle mensen! This week was another spectacular week in good ole' Suriname. We are currently in the rainy season still, so we've been feeling it quite a lot! We started the week by going to this thing called a "Middag zegen"  or "Dankbaar dienst" basically people come together for someone's birthday and thank God for them. President Libretto, our branch president, conducted services. It was cool because it was a very on the spot type thing.

We weren't too sure what was going on so we just improvised! I ended up having to give a talk on a scripture so I talked about a scripture in Omni 1:26 and talked about faith in Christ and enduring in our faith, it was nice! Elder Rodas said the opening prayer and I conducted music, I also heard/ participated in my first blessing were Sranan Tongo was the main language. Quite a peculiar language!

We also found Sydney again! He's a less-active in Groningen so I'm very grateful! He has a ton of animals, so mentally I call him Noah.

This week there was also a baptismal service in Tamenga. Two people got baptized and it was a very spiritual experience. I'm glad we got to go because it rebuilt my determination to find someone who's ready for the gospel, so wish me luck!

This week was also the first week that I took Elder Rodas out past Groningen, the picture attached is taken very far away from home! It takes about 2 and a half hours from there to get back to our apartment! We went up there because we had some referrals to look for!

Anyways I hope you have a good week!

Elder Hardy

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