Monday, March 6, 2017

"Jullie zijn vanuit Suriname gekomen?" "Fawaka!" "Yu saah fu taki?" "Aye."

Good afternoon everyone!

This week was yet another wonderful week here on Bonaire!

It's crazy to think that almost two years ago I was worrying about graduating high school, that feels like eons ago!

Some cool things that happened this week was we got to teach some Surinamers! Their names were Mona and Chantal, it turns out that Chantal is best friends with a member in Suriname and she'd been talking to her quite a lot about learning more about our message. Good timing! We spent the lesson mostly talking about our belief in God. It was a really good lesson, Chantal afterwards wanted to show her friend that she ran into us so we all took a picture together. She's heading back to Suriname on Wednesday so hopefully she'll be able to learn some more. We also did some service for Sister Carti, we helped get rid of a ton of weeds and bushes in her yard, the blisters mean you're working hard! It was really fun, she also gave us yogurt and juice as we worked.

This week Dayra was also baptized, it was an awesome experience. Everyone showed with 2 minutes to spare before the service started! I had the chance to be one of the witnesses and it was really cool. It was fun walking out into the ocean, the waves were a little rocky so Dayra almost got knocked down a few times! Gari baptized her and right as he finished saying the words of the prayer, a giant wave came and made sure that she went completely under! Sister Noij was impressed with Gari's use of the elements. I had Elder Burr take some pictures and it was just such an awesome experience since Dayra was soooo excited to get baptized. As we sat waiting to head out, I felt like I could see the light coming out of her and her sheer enthusiasm was almost enough to light a fire under her seat!

Next week we're heading to Curacao for our Zone Conference and that'll be really fun, it's always fun learning more about President Egbert, the spiritual recharge is always well appreciated.

I don't have very much time this week but thanks for reading! I wish you all a great week!


Elder Hardy

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