Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"Moeten we een foto maken?" "Als je wil mij niet vergeten!" "Maak het wel!"

Good afternoon!

This week was pretty crazy! Elder Munoz and I were on exchange together this week because our companions had to fly to Aruba for exchanges; something that always happens to us when we're together is: we get rained on and we run into Mormons! This past group was a mix of Utah and Texas.

I got to go teaching with him but it's kind of hard since I don't speak Spanish or Papumento! We did, however, go by a woman from Curacao so she could speak both; Elder Munoz and I taught pretty well together considering when we switched off, we switched languages! We also got to go by this couple, Thomas and Christina. I've taught them a few times and they're awesome. We talked about prophets and the priesthood a bit and from the little Spanish I do know, Thomas explained it very well! At the end of the lesson, they were trying to teach me some Spanish! Thomas wanted to give us a bag full of coca-cola cans since his boss gave him a ton of it and he doesn't like the taste. He handed me the bag and I held it in my hand and pretended that it was too heavy so I acted like I dropped it for a sec. I got them pretty bad and we all had a good laugh afterwards.

Elder Burr and I have started contacting in Kralendijk, we've ran into a lot of Surinamers in other parts of the island and ironically enough, the first person we talk to is a Surinamer named Andy! We talked with him and he seemed really interested in hearing more about our message but he needed to go back to his work and pick up something, so he said we could ride with him in truck as he drove and we talked. I love Surinamers. It was really cool telling him about the Book of Mormon, we asked questions about prayer, his experience with God and church. He accepted a Book of Mormon and we made an appointment to go back! That was one of my more interesting experiences, when he walked inside his work we were talking each other like, "Wow, we're sitting inside his truck, contacting him. Cool!"

We also did some service for Sister Carti, she had us move junk for her and clear out weeds and bushes using machetes and a hoe. As we started moving stuff in one area, I heard a cat meowing a lot, really loud too! Eventually, it turned into an adventure of trying to catch this cat to Sister Mens who worked at the Animal Shelter here in Bonaire. We tried everything we could but the kitty was too fast! We eventually left it in this really bushy area and Sister Mens said she would swing down in a few hours. She told us later that she caught the cat, apparently Brother Mens was contemplating keeping it!

I also got my transfer call this week, I'll be heading back to Suriname to serve in Wanica (central)! I'll be leaving Bonaire next tuesday but I'll have fly first to Trinidad to pick up my visa and then to Suriname, so I'll get there on the 30th.

"That's what this mission is, crazy!" -President Egbert

Well that was my week, I hope you had a fantastic one yourself!
Have a wonderful day and love life!

Elder Hardy

Attached: Gari, De Mens Familie, Gari and I, the sky on fire

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