Tuesday, March 28, 2017

"Tot ziens Bonaire, hallo Curacao!" "Tot ziens Curacao, hallo Trinidad (voor een paar dagen)!" "Ach, bijna naar Suriname toe!"

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, I don't have very much time today since yesterday the library was closed and today I had to fly so I'm now at the mission office in Trinidad emailing fast so we can make it to a meeting on time!

However, I do want to share something cool I heard in a talk on Sunday; Brother Statie told the story of a man went to go get his car filled up. He went to the service station to fill up and then as he was driving away it stopped working, he was very confused since he had just gotten it filled. It turns out that they put diesel into but instead it needed gasoline! The truck's engine had been changed to use gasoline but a sticker on the side, indicating that it used diesel fuel, had not been removed. Brother Statie compared this to people who are changed by the Atonement and become members but their outward appearance, like the truck, is different than what it actually runs on. I thought it was a cool talk.

I like flying, people are really funny when they travel. This time was a lot better, last time I had to wear orange Nike flip-flops as I went through the Curacao airport. This time, I felt like a pro!

That's all I have time for today, sorry but next week will be better!

Stay tuned for Episode VI- Return of the Hardy!

Title Translation:

"Goodbye Bonaire, Curacao hello!" "Goodbye Curacao, ​​hello Trinidad (a few days)!" "Oh, almost to Suriname"

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