Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Time for some more reading!

Hey everyone it's Monday again so you know what that means! This week was pretty interesting, we've been doing a lot of biking lately but not more than when we biked to Calcutta (2 1/2hrs each way), hopefully we never have to ride that far again! We've been doing a good amount of contacting but we are currently out of Books of Mormon so we've lost the drive a bit to contact more since it's what makes us really stand out from other churches. Yesterday we had the chance to run by a woman we contacted, luckily her daughter didn't cry the entire time we were speaking to her mom. This time, she actually blew us kisses as we were leaving, it was pretty adorable. Something pretty funny as well, we were talking with an investigator of ours and her friend was over. Turns out her friend has a daughter and she wants one of us to marry her! We explained why that wouldn't work and she's hoping that we change our minds at the end of our mission. It's been pretty dry lately which is kind of ironic since we're supposed to be in the rainy season. It started raining a bit today but it's mostly been on and off. The other day we were biking everywhere and we got sun-burnt a bit but luckily it didn't last, the next next day I was all better! Today was a pretty fun p-day, we went over to Koewarasan; we made fried chicken, fries and played Star Flux! It was a pretty fun time. Currently in the cyber I am emailing at there are a couple of little kids playing a game, it's pretty funny hearing little kids talk to each other as they're gaming, it's even weirder when I realized I could understand them (children are strange creatures) but I digress or as my companion says, "I digest" Well I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I wish you the best!


Elder Hardy

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