Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Goede Middag of Avond!

This week was interesting, mostly because for this week we were surviving off of rice and chicken nuggets! We got our missionary funds (money for food) today so it was very refreshing to know that we don't have to do that anymore! This week was pretty good, we've been having a lot of lessons with the more less-active members of the church, it's been an uplifting experience to see the light of Christ re-enter their lives! The life of an Uitkijk Elder is very interesting, we look at our plans for the day and we only have one confirmed appointment (usually for 7pm) and that's about it but it always works out! It's been very cool to see that as we do our part to plan and work as best we can how the Lord will help us to reach what we need to do. An inspirational quote I found today was, "In and of myself I feel very weak, but if I am faithful and humble I know that the Lord can increase my strength and my power to do good" -George Q. Cannon. Whenever things are tough just remember that as we look towards God that we will be directed towards good and given the help we need! Well that's the report this week folks! I'll try to start doing better emails in the future, it's hard!

Veel Lobi,

Elder Hardy

Still no pictures, but I'll share this cute note. 

Funny Story: The other day we did were biking and this car full of girls started woohing at us and Elder James said, "They want some Elder Hardy stew" I replied to him something along the lines of, "Foolishness!"

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