Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 40

Hey all!

This week was interesting, tons and tons of biking! We doubled our regular amount of biking and we're definitely feeling it! Today we're just relaxing so that's nice at least! We got a referral the other day from the Elders in Commowijne and it took us about 2 and 1/2 hours to get to them! The referral himself wasn't there but his wife was there and was very excited about the gospel, she asked a lot of good questions; "Why are there so many Christian churches" "How can I know which one is right?" Some of my favorite questions to answer! Her name's Sharon and she has just recently converted to Christianity from Islam. We have an appointment to go back and teach her and her husband so that's exciting! This week was conference and I absolutely loved it! I loved President Eyring's talk during the saturday morning session as well as Elder Holland's talk in the sunday afternoon session! If you haven't seen them yet I suggest going to and checking them out! Conference was an amazing experience and I hope all of you have the chance to listen to the words of the prophets!


Elder Hardy
Suriname Missionaries with Elder Turley, Assistant Church Historian

Elder Richard E. Turley Jr., the assistant Church Historian, visited the Caribbean to tour several missions and shared his testimony of the importance of keeping a record. He interviewed church pioneers, held member devotionals and our missionaries were treated to a special presentation on the Book of Mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith. We accompanied him throughout the mission, as we visited six countries in nine days. The missionary meetings were exceptional and the spirit witnessed to all in attendance that the Book of Mormon is truly “the keystone of our religion.” A question and answer period was offered and the missionaries asked very insightful church history questions. It was a definite testimony builder to be able to understand all the sacrifices that have been made by our church pioneers to allow each of us to have the blessings of the restored gospel. 

I finally got around to ordering Cam's International Drivers License. Not sure if he'll ever get to use it with the amount of bike riding he does, but he is hopeful someday he will serve in an area where he will actually be able to drive. haha Here's to wishful thinking. His mission president encouraged all to get them just in case. It'll be a nice birthday surprise for him. 

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