Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Eveneens een email!

How's it going everyone? This week has been another fantastic time here in Uitkijk! This week has been really good, Steve and Jolanda finally got married! It was a little surreal sitting during the service, I remember setting the wedding date with them but I didn't think I'd still be here to see it!

We also met some really cool guys from Haiti, the first time they met us they said, "I want to become Mormon, how can I do that?" he spoke pretty good English. They came to church as well! During sacrament meeting I translated for Jupiter (the Haitian guy) and he translated for his friend Doby. It was a pretty fun day. A couple days later we ran into them again and they said they have a bunch of other friends from Haiti who also want to become Mormon. He also wants to join the U.S. Army and kill terrorists. Imagine hearing that in a French accent, they became some of my favorite people ever! 
I also tried to chase down an Iguana I saw on the side of the road, it jumped in the river before I could get it. 
These next couple of days are going to be interesting because of the Tourist Visa I'm on. Unfortunately it's going to hinder my missionary service a bit but I hope that it'll get fixed soon. 

Have a good week, Lobi!
Elder Hardy

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