Monday, September 26, 2016

Ik hou van Nederlands maar nu moet ik in het engels spreken - I love Dutch, but now I have to speak in English

Goede middag iedereen!

I made it to Guyana safely and I'm currently serving in Bushlot, Berbice! It's certainly a lot different teaching in English, I got so used to doing everything in Dutch that even my subconscious got used to it. The transition has had some hiccups but it's getting better.

On Tuesday morning I drove down to Zanderij at around 3 o'clock in the morning. Sister Parker, Sister Vernes, Elder Christianson and I were all flying out of the country. Their flights left at around 5:00 but mine wasn't until 10:00 so I had to wait a while. I think it was the longest I've been somewhere, not working, luckily I was able to make some new friends in the airport haha.

This week has been pretty crazy with trying to figure out working permits and finding time to actually work in our area. My new companion is Elder Guzman (this is my third companion this transfer) his parents are from El Salvador and he's from Virginia. He's pretty cool, he has a lot of funny stories about when he was home.

We also had Zone Meeting this week with President Egbert; after having so many crazy things happen, I was pretty relieved to see him! During our interview we spoke Dutch a bit and it was nice to hear it! The other missionaries here in Guyana are pretty new, I never thought I would be considered a "Senior" missionary, even though I've grown a lot on my mission, I still feel very young. Also, people in Guyana love white people from America, it's a little scary how much!

We also had Multi-branch conference in Conje, we got there a bit late because of the bus we were in but we got there in time to listen to most of the speakers and also to sing in the choir. They talked a lot about family traditions and how important it is to show your love for your family. If you haven't told your: mom, dad, brother, sister or anyone else you love, "I love you", I invite you to do so!

Elder Hardy

Chilling at the airport reading in Het Boek van Mormon and The Crew.

Just some random pigs roaming the streets in Guyana.

1st P-Day in Guyana; Bushlot, Berbice

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