Monday, December 12, 2016

"Waarom draag je mooie kleding aan?" "Omdat ik wil netjes zijn." "Oké, Gelukkig Kerstfeest!"

Good afternoon everyone!

The following conversation at the top was between Sister Benjamin and Elder Payne. Some funny during that as well was Elder Hunt (one of the Assistants to the President) saw her interestingly put together manger. He said, "Sister Benjamin, I like your manger but you're missing the most important part!" "The donkey?" "No Sister Benjamin, Jesus!" We all had a good laugh at that and we even left a "Light the World" pass along card there to celebrate Christmas! If you want to watch the video, I added a link at the bottom of the email, it's pretty cool!

This week we had Zone Meeting with President Egbert, it's was stressful because we had to teach a lot but it was also fun too! President Egbert talked about a lot of things he would like us to work on but we had also had a really good talk about why it's so important to do these things. We learned a lot as we looked to the example of the Savior as that was the main overlying theme of the meeting, of course!  It's always an amazing time being able to meet together as zones, you know that something wonderful will always happen!

Sunday was a cool day, at first there was a blackout so we were scrambling to get the generator working at the church, how many people does it take to get a generator working? 6 missionaries, a Branch President and some guy on the phone! Luckily, we were able to get it on and there weren't any other hiccups the rest of the service; ironically enough, it was one of the most spiritual sacrament meetings I've had in some time.

Today we had a fun P-day activity! We tried to go to the Zoo but it was closed so we decided to head to Giftland, essentially a very large mall, and had to wait in the car about half an hour for it to open. When we did walk in, however, I almost fell over because of how it was; it was basically America! It looked like an actually mall, I saw a music shop with beautiful guitars hanging on the walls, everything was clean and they even had massage chairs! It was really cool, we had a lot of fun because we were also doing white elephant gift shopping since next Tuesday, all of the missionaries in West and East Coast are getting together for a Christmas activity. Should be fun!

Happy Holidays!

Elder Hardy

Attached are: a selfie and a sunset, Elder Thompson eating my pizza (had to protect those pepperonis) and a new notebook I bought from Giftland.

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