Monday, December 5, 2016

"Wauw, dit boek is echt groot. De woorden zijn zo groot dat je van de maan dit kan lezen!" ( "Wow, this book is really great. The words are so big that you can read this from the moon!")

Hoe gaat het allemaal? (How are things going?) 

This was another fantastic week, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas but mostly because we've started singing Christmas songs in Sacrament meeting. It has been cool watching people change during the holiday season.

A woman named Sister Benjamin (she kills me sometimes) is really funny; when I flew to Trinidad I brought a giant Book of Mormon with me since she can only read big print because of what Diabetes has done to her eyes. We came to her house one day, just for a moment since it was getting late, and we gave it to her and her face lit up. We opened it with her and the words are so big! If you can't read that, you can't read anything. But it gets more funny, on Sunday she bore her testimony and she just talked about how no one visited her until be showed up, how now she got a giant Book of Mormon and now she's powerful! You go Sister Benjamin! She also beat us to church because we picked up some investigators.

Something cool that happened this week was we were walking to an appointment on Belladam when we wave at a Sister from the church and she starts off by saying, "Elders, I'm vexed with you!" (she wasn't actually vexed, she just wanted to gaf with us) and so as we were talking with her, I saw a woman and her two sons walking with groceries. I didn't think too much of it until I saw the mom struggling and the little boy trying his hardest to lift the bag of rice he was carrying, the mom consoled the boy and they started to walk again. My heart broke and I felt that we needed to help her right that minute! I ended the conversation with the Sister as politely (and as fast) as I could and we walked really fast to where the woman was. When we caught up, I asked her, "Ma'am, may we help you carry your groceries?" She graciously accepted. As we walked with her and carried her bags, she was just saying how grateful she was and how God does send people to help those in need and answers prayers. When we arrived at her house, I looked back to see how far we had come, I could not imagine having to walk that distance in her shoes. I appreciated the chance to help!

Last Friday we had MLC, the rest of the Zone Leaders in Guyana headed to the Mission Office in Georgetown and we stayed the night their. I had originally planned on sleeping for about an hour since we had to wake up at 2:00 in the morning. It was about 12:00 am when things started to wind down and some people went to bed, Elder Peterson (he's heading home the same time I am) and I just gaffed the whole night since it'd be easier than waking up and being more tired. It was fun haha. We then drove to the airport, got there at about 3:25 and got on the plane at 5:50ish. MLC was awesome, I also got to see the Suriname crew! I also got a going away picture with my MTC Sisters since they're going home this month, it's crazy to think so much time has passed by already!

Well that was my week summed up, I hope you're having a wonderful week!

Elder Hardy
Mission Leader Conference - Trinidad Port of Spain Mission, in Trinidad. 

Sister Ashcraft, Sister Jorgensen and I; his MTC family

Guyana Crew at the Trinidad airport
 view from outside our house
 funny license plate

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