Monday, April 10, 2017

Fiets problemen, regen en roti!

Good morning everyone!

I've officially been back in Suriname for a week, it's good to be back, feels like I never left! I had a good week though, I met a lot of interesting people! We met one man named Selvion (Silver in Latin) and as we talked to him he said he had a friend named AJ or Silly who went to Venezuela for his mission, I realized that we knew him but he went to the Dominican Republic, it was funny though because now we know Jerome's nickname! He was really cool though, we made an appointment to come back, it started raining pretty hard as we were getting ready to go but considering I hadn't gotten soaked in while, I welcomed it!

A spiritual experience this week was when we taught a man name Daryl, we taught about the purpose of life and what happens after we die and it was amazing to me that not only did he believe in what we said, all of his questions were wonderful! I found peace through what the gospel brings and as we read the scriptures with him, it was cool to watch him learn! His little son was funny too, he wanted to bring his dirty bike inside the house and ride so we likened it to the scriptures, "And no unclean thing can enter into his kingdom". It was an awesome lesson.

I also had the chance to bear my testimony this Sunday to introduce myself, it was fast and testimony meeting so we started and nobody was standing up to go and share so I walked up there, Brother Ritfeld gave me an approving thumbs up. It was cool to watch because after I sat down, it was almost a continuous stream of people getting up, sharing their testimony and then sitting down! Very uplifting sacrament meeting.

My tire also popped Saturday night, I'm officially re-instated as a Suriname missionary!

Other than that though, not much happened this week! Take care of yourselves and remember one thing: I love you, God loves you and Satan hates your face.

Elder Hardy

Title Translation: Bike problems, rain and roti!

Attached: Elder Fleming, Carillo and I on exchange and Elder Crawford teaching family home evening at one of our members' house

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