Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"Zullen we alle vier versen van Zingt Schepselen van Onze Heer?" "Jawel, vandaag is paas."

Fawaka allemaal!

This week was pretty crazy. So first off, the reason why I'm emailing today is because yesterday was second Easter, it's Surinamese holiday. It's like normal Easter but on the second day, everyone just chills and closes most of the shops. It's alright though! 

This week, we didn't have anything too crazy happen. We did have a cool lesson with Selvion though, we started to talk with him again and just like last time, it started to rain! We went inside and mostly just got to know him and we talked more about God. It was really cool, he's also in the military so he has some funny stories.

We also gave the Crawford's (the Senior Couple here in Suriname) a cake and a book full of letters from all of us missionaries as a token of our gratitude for all of their hard work they do for us. On the cake we wrote a quote we always hear from Elder Crawford, "Alles is mogelijk!" or Everything is possible.

We did have a fun lesson yesterday: we headed over to this man named Smith that we made an appointment with and he was sitting with his extended family outside, they invited us over and we sat down. They had some questions about our church and we were able to answer by explaining why we talk about "The Restoration" we explained that we believe that this church is the same church that Jesus Christ established when he was here on Earth. They really liked our message and they said they want to come to church. They also appreciated the fact that we could speak a little bit of Sranan Tongo, it always makes them light up when we say, "Fawaka!"

Well, sorry about the short email, not much this week.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!


Elder Hardy

Title Translation: "Shall we sing all four verses of Creatures of Our Lord?" "Yes, today is Easter."

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