Monday, April 24, 2017

"Broeders, ik moet je eerlijk zeggen, oud worden is vervelend! Oud worden is niet gemakkelijk!"

Fawaka allemaal!

This has been yet another fabulous week out here in 'Nam (Suriname)!
These past few weeks have been going by like lightning, it feels like I just wrote one of these.

Anyways, this week we got to visit the Sabajo family, we had an unofficial family home evening with them and it was fun because I got to use pictures! At the end of the lesson, two of the kids wanted to say the prayer so to decide who would say it, I flipped an American quarter the younger one got to say it. To make the older one feel better, I gave her a quarter and then snowball effect, I gave them all quarters! It was fun trying to teach them how to flip it properly.

We also had some fun contacting, it was really hot so we were trying to find someone to talk to. We looked over and saw some people sitting on a porch so we walked over. I wasn't sure how to introduce ourselves right away so I decided to make them laugh by speaking Sranan Tongo. It worked! They invited us inside and we got to share a little bit of our message, they also taught us some new words in Sranan; the language itself is kind of like Dutch but with an I at the end and sounds more hilarious.

My favorite experience was when we went and visited 94 year old Brother Liem. He's gotten to the point of where it's too hard for him to make it to church but we try to visit him at least once a week. We stopped by once and he had some questions about family history work, on Saturday we brought him a little book called, "My Family" it has space in there to make your own family tree and fill out their information. We gave it to him and he was so excited! I realized that his great-grandparents were here when Suriname was still being first developed.

Brother Liem was also pretty sick, he'd been having trouble sleeping and he had a lot of pain. He asked to give him a priesthood blessing so we did. He asked me to say the blessing. As I laid my hands on his head, I felt peace and my heart burned within me, I also felt God's love for Brother Liem. In the blessing, it talked about how much God loves him, how he would would be healed and talked about how valiant he was before he came to this Earth and how wonderful an example he is setting for his children as well as success in his family history work.

Afterwards, we were talking with him and he was in tears; he talked about how much faith he had in the blessing and how he knew that the things which were said were true, he could feel it. Seeing him overcome with emotion, I felt like I needed to ask him if I could give him a hug. I asked him and he laughed and said, "Jawel!" We helped him stand and we gave him each a hug.

I love the Priesthood!

Well that was my week, thanks for reading and I wish you all a beautiful week further!

Elder Hardy

Title Translation:  
"Brothers, I have to tell you honestly, getting old is annoying! Getting old is not easy!"
Attached: Elder Fleming and I had some bike problems, our landlord got us coconuts, I got injured playing soccer so I took some pictures on the sidelines.

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