Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"Grote regen tijd!" "Ik hou van die tijd." "Waarom?" "Soms, als ik aan het fietsen ben, voel ik me dat ik eigenlijk aan het zwemmen ben!"

Good morning everyone! Sorry about this week's email, I'll have to keep it short since I'm not the best at managing my time. This week was really good, we were able to go and see a lot of cool people, we got rained on a lot too. Not much to say this week but I did take some pictures! We did get to stop by Brother Liem as well, we gave him a blessing last week and on Sunday we stopped by and his pain had completely stopped in his shoulder. He then told us how the only time it hurts is when he tries to do work, "Brother Liem," we said, "you're 94 years old, you shouldn't be working anyway!" He just laughed and said, "Yes, but I get bored!"


Elder Hardy

Title Translation:
"Great rain time!" "I love that time." "Why?" "Sometimes, if I'm cycling, I feel like I'm actually swimming!"

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