Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"Zij is echt een stille baby." *na een beetje snoepjes* "Ivy, niet op de bank en muur climben!"

Good morning everyone!

Yet another fantastic week here in good ol' Nam (Suriname). 

This week started off with Elder Fleming saying goodbye to some members so that's what spurred the title of the email. Ivy, the Aikman Family's toddler, is usually pretty chill and quiet but after she ate some kaneel stengels, (cinnamon sticks, pretty much) she was bouncing off the walls, quite literally. It was fun watching her mom try to wrangle her. 

On Wednesday, Elder White and I got put together. On our way to a meeting at the church, Elder White hit a patch of sand right in front of the church and biffed it a little bit. Right after he fell, an angry man yelled out of his car, "Go back to the Netherlands!" I turned to him, gave a thumbs up and smiled. I didn't want to burst his bubble and tell him we were actually Americans but I had a laugh about it. 

We had some awesome lessons this week; we had a lesson with the Ritveld family and it went really well. We were talking more about the Book of Mormon and the father had a questions as to why we always leave verses out of the Book of Mormon and never out of the Bible. So I asked him, if he believed the Bible was true, he said yes. I asked him how he knew it was true and he explained that it was because he had read it. I then asked him if he knew that the Book of Mormon was true, he replied that he didn't know yet. I then explained that the reason why we leave verses is because the only way to learn if it's true is by reading it. If the Book of Mormon is true then that means everything else we share is true too, it's new and that means there's more to learn about Christ, that's why we share it with everyone!  

We also had the chance to go to a baptism this week, we brought our investigator Justin. We got a ride from his uncle and it was pretty cool, his uncle has been a member for a long time so it was nice being with him. I had to give a talk about the Holy Ghost and it was really cool because as I talked, I could feel God's love for her (Kaylee, she's 8). It was a really cool experience. 

The next day was fast and testimony meeting at church and it was pretty cool. Brother Aroeman, Kaylee's uncle, bore his testimony about the baptism. At first the doors to the baptismal font were locked so when someone finally opened the doors, everyone was relieved. He liked the doors being unlocked by keys to the restoration of the priesthood authority. I thought it was really cool because they were waiting and willing to be baptized but because of outside forces, they had to wait. After that though, the baptism went fine. 

That was my week but it was awesome! I wish you all a great week too!
Elder Hardy

Title Translation: "She's usually pretty chill and quiet, *after she ate some sweets*  she was bouncing off the walls, quite literally. 

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