Monday, May 15, 2017

"Je ben aan het praat zo maar!"

Good morning everyone!

Happy (be-lated) mother's day!

I hope you were all able to do something nice for your moms but if not, you can always do something nice anyway.

This was a very interesting week for sure! Big rainy season is in full swing, it's been raining everyday off and on since Monday (at least). We've met some really cool people this week: we met a guy named Glif, he's a late night radio DJ and it was funny because he told us he saw us earlier and said to himself that he wouldn't talk to us! He was really cool, he talked to missionaries in the Netherlands when he was going through a hard time and he really liked the way we saw life on other worlds as also being God's children. We gave a Book of Mormon and a chapter to read.

Another guy we met was a Hindu man named Narine, after normal introductions, the first thing he said to us was, "Oh, Jesus has a church now? I guess it makes sense, the Catholic has a church, the EBG has a church and why not Jesus?" It was cool because even though he didn't know much about our message, he realized who's church it was.

We also had a really cool lesson with the Ritveld boys, we brought our branch president with us, President Linger. It was awesome, we talked about the Plan of Salvation and he started to go off in Sarramaccans (like Sranan Tongo). It was really cool because we were able to understand and keep the lesson flowing really well. We talked about the Pre-Earth life and about our agency (the freedom to choose) and how it was given to us as a gift from God.

We got home later and we saw our landlord and her family at their table, they then told us that their car died in the driveway! It turns out they were waiting for us to help them push it, it was pretty fun. The next day, as a reward, they gave us Roti!

Sunday was cool, aside from it being Mother's day, we had an awesome lesson in young men. Brother Aroeman was teaching about prophets and he had President Linger act as a prophet. He sent him outside to go receive his "message" from God and while he was outside, Brother Aroeman had us all pretend that we were fighting with each other and just going crazy! With a small room of young men, it was pretty hilarious. President Linger then walked in and (doing the role of a prophet) told us that he was sent of God: he then continued by stating that God wants us to love our neighbor as ourselves, not fight with each other, repent and be baptized. It was a really fun lesson but it was also a really good example of how prophets help. Brother Aroeman explained that even though there might be problems in the world, we know our purpose on earth and what we need to do and who we need to follow. President Linger then shared a scripture,
Proverbs 29:18 18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

Well, that was my week, I hope you had a fantastic one as well. Have a lovely day!
Elder Hardy

Title Translation: "Je ben aan het praat zo maar!"  "You're talking like that!"

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