Monday, May 29, 2017

"Ik houd niet van 'Frozen' in het Nederlands."


Hello everyone! This week was just fantastic as well. It was quite a bit different because we had to fly to Trinidad for a meeting but it was amazing! For MLC (missionary leadership conference) we talked about how our individual zones were doing; typically these reports are kind of boring but this time they gave us the topic to focus on finding, teaching and baptizing.  The difference it had on us was very prevalent. When it was time for Elder Lewis and I to go up, we started to talk and I just felt a wave come over me. We started to talk and it turned into testifying about the experiences that we as a zone have all seen in the past few weeks. It was a wonderful experience, it was made even better in that everyone felt the difference from last time.

We wrapped up MLC with President Egbert closing us with a prayer, we all knelt down and as he prayed for us, we all kept feeling as if there were angels in the room, I resisted the temptation to look but I certainly felt it.

The next day, we were sitting in the mission home while we were waiting for our flight. We got kind of bored so we decided to sing and play the piano (Elder Hunt played it). It was really cool because we don't typically sing in English so it was really cool being able to sing the words and allowing them to have a deeper meaning. I love Dutch hymns but English is awesome.

Something funny, we were biking home one day when we realized that Elder White's tire had a slow leak. We had to keep jumping on and off the bikes to fill up his tire. We stopped at a fruit stand to buy some bananas, biked a bit further and then stopped to pump up his tire. A homeless man walked across the street to help us. He started to pump up Elder White's tire and then asked for some bananas, I thought it was kind of funny (we gave him some bananas).

We also got a new branch mission leader this week. A branch mission leader is essentially someone from the branch who helps the missionaries do missionary work! Before President Linger ordained him, he explained a little bit about what he'd have to do and he explained that we do all the hard work. He also said, "Ze zijn je zware bois." Bois is boys in sranan tongo.

Well, that was my week and I hope you have a fabulous rest of yours, thanks for reading!

Elder Hardy

Attached: Elder White and I in the rain (that time we actually grabbed our coats), the Ritfeld boys and their family from last week, missionary lunch and the banana happening.

Title Translation: "I do not like 'Frozen' in Dutch."

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