Monday, May 23, 2016

Fawaka mensen!

Fawaka mensen! This week was a good week, it was nice being back, working in my area again! It's been raining a lot recently so it's certainly been interesting have to work around it but we're managing. This week I was on an exchange in Wanica with Elder Jennings and it was pretty fun. His bike doesn't have brakes (they broke) so it was very interesting navigating through traffic, especially considering how hectic the city is with of it's cars! I also ate armadillo and fresh coconut! Armadillo is interesting but lekker! The dark meat tastes like pork and the white meat tastes like turkey, tasty all around! Also, one of our members finally got her visa to go live in America, she and part of her family have been separated for about 6 years so she's very excited to go. I'm going to miss Sister Jasmine but she's going to be so happy when she sees her family again! Today we played Werewolf with all the other missionaries and boy do I stink! I need to get better at lying or something but maybe that's a good thing! Whenever someone accuses me when I'm a werewolf I laugh or smile a bit and I'm exposed! We played two different versions today; Book of Mormon themed and Star Wars themed! I was a Gadianton Robber and also a Sith Lord, aye. Elder James got bite by a monkey, I attached a picture of the Evil-Doer.
Well that's all for today people, hope you're doing well!

Elder Hardy

Suriname Missionaries Zone Conference 
Happy Birthday Banner signed by all his cousins

Card from cousin Alexa- so cute!

Elder James got bit by a monkey, this is a picture of the Evil-Doer.

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