Sunday, May 8, 2016

Moeders Dag Skype Call

During our Skype call with Cam we asked him a few questions: What is his favorite thing so far about his mission and he said, Reading the scriptures. He said he loves to read them and constantly feeling God's love & the spirit surrounding him and using Machetes during service projects (he's still a boy after all) Also, weirdest thing he's eaten on his mission thus far- iguana (taste like chicken) haha
We learned how much he loves the jungle area he's currently serving in and that he had a near death biking incident, not our favorite story to hear, but at least he was fine. They love to cook with their Super Hot spices and he's developing a little tolerance, but it's still too spicy for him. He gave his brothers advice to read their scriptures daily to help prepare for their missions. He said it is "SO FUN" to read the scriptures. 
Love and miss this boy, but he surely is setting a wonderful example for his brothers and bringing our family closer. He is such a loving, sweet and super positive kid. 

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