Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Overplaatsingen Telefoontjes!

Hey everyone this week is transfers! So I've learned that I'm going to be staying here in Uitkijk but I'll be getting Elder Rodas as my new companion, he's a pretty cool guy, he's from Belgium so that'll be good for helping my Dutch become more fluent! (I hope) My current area of Uitkijk is so large that in about 6 more weeks I will have rode across the Continental United States!

This week has been interesting, it's been raining a lot so Elder James has been very sad which makes me laugh so it kind of ends up having the reverse effect on me. We haven't gotten completely soaked in a while but you never know. Side note; these kids at the cyber are trying to navigate using the map in GTA 5 together, there was a lot of pointing and yelling, I'm trying very hard not to laugh. We've also been doing a lot of talking to people, we've also ridden through a lot of mud I have a clean shoe on and also a muddy shoe. Also, Elder James got bit by a monkey the other day, I have attached a picture of the perpetrator and yes he's adorable. He almost bit me but he just grabbed onto my shoe very suddenly and I quickly moved my leg back. Elder James wanted the monkey to grab his shoe as well but it did that and more, bit him on the ankle. The other picture attached is of the Saramacca river, we were biking and so we stopped for a second at the top to rest and this pair of ladies by the water's edge started laughing at me so I just waved back and told them good evening. Well that was my week and I hope you all have a fabulous beginning of yours!

Elder Hardy

Saramacca River
Elder Hardy & Elder James
View from apartment
This market has the same name as one of Cam's best friends, Tian, in Colorado.
One of Cam's favorite b-day gifts, from his Aunt Dawn, he uses this EVERYDAY. It's his new BFF. 

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